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What constitutes negligence in a premises liability claim?

Everyone has heard the phrase the devil is in the details. When legal issues are involved, that concept is captured in the caution that when signing a contract you should always read the fine print. That's where details like exceptions and exclusions intended to shield a party from possible liability tend to exist.

Could North Carolina drone regs scrub business innovation?

Drones are big news these days. We're not talking about the weaponized tools being used in the war against terror. No, we're talking about the small unmanned aerial vehicles that seem to be popping up more and more in the hands of hobbyists and those with business vision who see opportunity in the radio-controlled machines.

Tips for businesses on dealing with data breaches

All business is relational. Without an interaction at some level of two human beings, deals don't get proffered or made. Even in the current environment where so much is handled digitally, North Carolina businesses can't downplay the power of the personal relationship.

Alex Rodriguez embroiled in breach of contract lawsuit

There are many horror stories regarding relationships between in-laws. Despite this, there are many in-laws in North Carolina who have a wonderful relationship and actually go into business together. Unfortunately, a recent breach of contract lawsuit filed by Alex Rodriguez's former brother-in-law may be a warning against such business relationships, as they could potentially fall apart after a divorce.

Establishing a business in the New Year? We can help

The New Year can be an exciting time for people in North Carolina who are looking to start fresh. For some, that means eating a new, healthier diet while others may be preparing to lay the foundation for a new business. While the time may seem perfect for establishing a business, those embarking on this journey might benefit from making sure that they are as prepared as possible for the adventure.

Business disputes over fees hurt Dish and some of its providers

Dish Network, the satellite television provider, continues to be involved in a series of disputes with cable and network television channels over the charges that Dish is willing to pay to continue showing the providers' channels. The business disputes have led to Dish blacking out several providers at different times this year. The latest controversy involves Dish blacking out the Fox News Channel for the past two weeks, which has impacted subscribers nationally and in North Carolina.

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