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Speed, DUI, distraction major causes of Robeson County wrecks

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Wake County is to the north. Robeson County is to the south. Almost equidistant between the two is Cumberland County, home to Fayetteville. And connecting them all is Interstate 95.

It would be nice if that was where this analogy ended, but such is not the case. If you look at statistics for 2013 from the state Department of Transportation you find that there is something of a connection in terms of numbers of untimely deaths suffered in car accidents. Wake recorded 72 deaths in that year. Robeson had 40. And just about in the middle was Cumberland with 50.

There can be all sorts of reasons for why such tragedies occur. But an official in Robeson County suggests that the number of fatal car crashes in his region can be narrowed down to just three factors, speed, drunk driving and driver distraction. He notes that while the county is large and has lots of rural roads, eight of the 10 worst accident sites happen to be in and around Lumberton.

The prevalence of crashes and the desire to reduce the chances of a fatality due to negligence has prompted the official to highlight what nearly every safety expert has before as being tips drivers should follow to make roads safer.

  • Focus on the road. Texting or talking on the phone while driving are major contributors to distraction accidents. It’s easy to point fingers at young drivers, but many adults are just as guilty.
  • Slow down. This is particularly important if it’s raining, icy or foggy. Giving other vehicles space gives every driver more time to stop.
  • Have a plan. First instinct when a crash seems imminent is likely to be to swerve. Which way will you go? Left may well take you into oncoming traffic. That might not be ideal.
  • Buckle up. If you forgo wearing a seatbelt, you’re likely to be ejected from the vehicle in a crash and die.

Of course, accidents will continue to happen. To protect and exercise your rights, contacting an experienced attorney should be a priority.