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Business neighbor suing Twin Peaks over deadly bike gang shootout

The definition of what can be considered negligent action on the part of a property owner is broad. This is something we touched on in a post back in January. Not only can North Carolina landlords be held liable for injuries to patrons caused by not taking reasonable measures to make sure premises structures are safe and sanitary, they can be held liable if security is lacking and injury or death results.

What does startup CEO greatness look like?

Starting a business can be an exciting thing. But much like a wedding, you can have a plan for everything and chances are something will go wrong. When mistakes happen as part of a wedding, they simply become part of the couple's life story. Mistakes in business planning can mean failure, so it makes sense to take steps to anticipate and clear legal hurdles.

North Carolina truck-train crash sparks first known suits

Amtrak is in the news again -- the result of a tragic injury- and death-causing accident. That disaster happened in another state, but back in March the site was Halifax, North Carolina. Our post at that time offered the observation that the accident may have been the result of a failure to communicate.

What can spark shareholder claims of fraud?

If you've ever watched the reality TV show, "Shark Tank," you know that fishing for investment dollars can be tough. It requires a unique sales pitch. And investors who decide to become shareholders expect the entrepreneur looking for help to provide the best information possible.

Who's responsible when robotic surgery goes wrong?

Experience matters. You might be able to get an inexpensive hairstyle that's good enough by putting yourself in the hands of a salon school student. To have greater confidence in the outcome, though, you are more likely to seek out a stylist with years in the business and demonstrated ability. You'll pay more, but you'll have greater peace of mind. 

Skilled communication often key to avoiding business litigation

Regardless of a company's size or whether it is privately held or publicly traded, there can be a lot of stakeholders with separate agendas. If any one of them feels his or her concerns are not being heard or addressed, it can spark clashes that can threaten the well-being and future of the individuals and the company as a whole.

Autocycle: a concept vehicle that's closer to being concrete

It is widely observed that a lot of the devices that are now science fact got their start as science fiction. Airplanes might not exist today if Greek mythology hadn't inspired us with the story of Icarus and Daedalus and their attempt at flight with wings of wax and feathers.

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