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What makes a motorcycle helmet safe?

Motorcycle riding experts in North Carolina generally agree that one of the best things that any rider can do to improve their chances of surviving a crash is to wear the right gear; all the right gear. Of course, the definition of what the right gear is seems to vary somewhat depending on the expert you talk to.

What does it take to make a graceful exit from a business?

We have talked a lot in this blog about the importance of proper planning to get a business off the ground successfully. But if the plan you have only takes you as far as getting the door to your North Carolina business open and growing, some might argue that you haven't finished the job.

Justice is demanded, no matter what form sexual assault takes

The evil of sexual assault comes in many incarnations. It is not unusual to see news stories about vulnerable adults in care facilities being accosted by someone who is supposed to be a caregiver. The issue of date rape is one that only seems to keep growing in seriousness. And of course there are the instances of sexual molestation of children.

Even in the Wild West e-commerce realm there are laws

Getting the right structure for your North Carolina business is something anyone starting a new enterprise needs to pay attention to. There are a lot of different types of ownership, as we noted in a post last week. You can go the relatively easy route of launching a sole proprietorship or go for deeper forms of liability protection that come with different types of partnerships or corporate structures.

How do I decide what ownership type is right for my business?

Back in the last century, Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland were a Hollywood power couple. They appeared in a whole string of films, many of them musicals anchored by the idea that kids could put on a boffo show in a relative's barn.

Data breach concerns should extend to vendors and suppliers

For all the effort we supposedly put into computer security it is apparent that there are cracks in the cyber wall. This is something we have highlighted previously in efforts to keep North Carolina businesses on their game regarding protecting themselves against potential liability risks and possible litigation.

What does it take to protect trade secrets in North Carolina?

Nearly any company that has managed to stay ahead of competitors has some sort of trade secret. Col. Sanders has his 11 herbs and spices (exact nature and combination unknown). McDonald's Big Mac has its special sauce which, according to, is not much more than a tricked out Thousand Island salad dressing.

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