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Guilty plea by officer indicates successful wrongful death claim

In North Carolina, when a negligent or reckless driver kills an innocent victim in a vehicular accident, the bringing of criminal charges or driving violations against the driver is an independent prosecution not directly related to the civil damages claim vested in the decedent's estate. The claim that is made on behalf of a decedent by his or her estate is called a wrongful death action. The estate may generally collect funeral and medical expenses, lost earnings for the remainder of the decedent's life expectancy, and pain and suffering if the decedent was conscious at any time after the impact.

$10.1 million is awarded for hospital's failure to diagnose

Failing to correctly diagnose a patient who visits an emergency room with ominous symptoms is a commonly reported medical negligence claim in North Carolina and nationwide. This may be particularly true when the patient appears at the emergency room more than once in a short timespan, complaining of a worsening condition. In one such case in another state recently, a jury returned a verdict of $10.1 million in favor of a mother and her son for failure to diagnose the son's meningitis.

Farmworker pay dispute sprouts up for Publix in NC

Grocery stores don't tend to hire the workers who pick the crops that supply produce to their shelves. That would seem to suggest that they should be insulated from the middle of contract disputes between field workers and the farms they work for. But as recent activities in North Carolina reflect, that may not always be the case.

Can your noncompete agreement stand up to a legal test?

North Carolina businesses have an understandable desire to protect intellectual property. That includes the information that departing employees take with them by virtue of just their experience. The last thing you want to do is find out that something proprietary to your operation is now in the hands of a competitor.

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