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Helping North Carolina businesses with foreclosure litigation

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2016 | Business Foreclosures |

North Carolina businesses rely on their offices and store locations for their employees to do their work, offer services, sell products, earn an income and stay profitable. In this sense, a real estate foreclosure can spell immediate disaster. If a company wants to stay in business, it will therefore want to take immediate legal action to either pause or completely stop foreclosure proceedings from continuing.

Meanwhile, because banks and financial institutions rely on income from their loans to make a profit and stay in business themselves, they will also have lawyers on their side fighting to prevent their foreclosures from being stopped. As you can see, foreclosures them complicated no matter which side you are on.

At Britton Law, PA, we help businesses and financial institutions with their foreclosure proceedings. Having represented clients on both sides of these disputes, we have an depth understanding of the complicated legal issues at play in foreclosure matters — an understanding that we use to protect our clients’ legal rights to ensure they are treated fairly in their legal proceedings.

We feel that well-educated clients make better decisions their cases, and we value the sanctity of every attorney-client relationship we form. For this reason, Britton Law, PA, takes the opportunity to fully inform our clients of all their legal options, and we fully educate them on exactly what to expect along every step of the litigation process.

In addition to foreclosures, we also offer representation in: lease-related disagreements, contract disputes, problems with homeowners’ associations, real estate ownership disagreements and other types of real estate litigation issues. If you are currently in the throes of a real estate-related legal matter, we are here to help.