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Business plans and data protection

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2016 | Business Formation & Planning |

Increasing numbers of North Carolina companies rely mostly or exclusively on computer systems to hold their data. Everything from employee records to financial data to customer information are often held in databases. Therefore, it is essential that businesses are ensuring that this information is kept secure.

When creating a business plan, start-up companies should include a data protection section. This section will outline how the venture intends to ensure that data is safe from hackers, malware and loss. It should outline things like how often data should be backed up and if there should be off-site recovery centers in case of a fire or natural disaster destroying physical drives.

A data protection plan should also outline how the company will protect itself against internal errors. Employees may not be aware of security issues, so it is important for them to understand how to identify scam emails and the importance of not opening unknown files or file types. Companies may also want to outline a device policy that determines if employees are able to bring in portable storage, like USB or thumb drives, and if so, if there are any particular policies they must follow when using them.

Creating a business plan is an important part of establishing a business, and in addition to data protection, it should include things like the impact that federal, state and local laws and regulations will have on future operations. When starting a new venture, many entrepreneurs obtain the advice and counsel of an experienced business attorney regarding these and other issues.