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Growth in a business requires significant effort

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2016 | Business Formation & Planning |

The flurry of activity associated with a North Carolina start-up company does not end with its formation. After the appropriate legal entity has been chosen and appropriate paperwork filed, the work of growing the business must begin. Getting new customers depends upon effective marketing, which requires the same amount of planning and commitment as went into the decision to start a new venture in the first place.

Marketing plans do not simply happen. Business owners must start the process of creating one by deciding upon the goals they want to achieve. One company might want to achieve a specific dollar amount in sales for the year or for a specific quarter. Another company might have a goal of signing up a certain number of new customers by the end of the year. Whatever the goal might be, it has to be specific enough for ownership to formulate a marketing plan to achieve it.

Setting goals is just the beginning of a growth strategy. Businesses must decide upon the best marketing tools to employ in order to achieve the goal. A start-up company might decide to use social media in combination with enhanced website content to attract new customers or to encourage existing customers to take advantage of other goods or services it might offer.

Regardless of the marketing strategy or the methods used, it is essential for a business to evaluate the results. Tracking the results allows company ownership to make better use of what is working and steering away from marketing tools that are producing poor results.

The types of business that a new company intends to engage in will have significant impact on the regulatory compliance that will be required. An attorney can often be helpful in preparing a document that sets out filing dates and fees as well as other related matters.