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Planning for success in local business

Starting a local business in North Carolina can be the fulfillment of a life-long dream or a great investment. Because of their potential, more and more local businesses are being launched all over the United States. Nationwide, there are more than 20 million local businesses, and 71 percent of the owners expect their revenue to increase this year.

Driving safety tips for Memorial Day weekend

With Memorial Day weekend coming, the unofficial gateway to summer will be upon us.  This means that plenty of people across North Carolina will likely head to their favorite mountain or beach resort. With all holiday weekends, it is likely that there will be more people on the road than usual on Friday to kick off the weekend, and on Monday as people return home. This ostensibly increases the chances chances for a car or motorcycle accident.

This is the time to review business progress

North Carolina business owners often use the time after tax season to reflect on how they can improve their business and their numbers for the next year. This is an optimal time to implement changes so that the effects can be realized on the next tax filing.

Thermostat dispute settled

North Carolina residents may appreciate the ability to carefully manage household appliances and systems through smart technology such as the Nest thermostat. However, development of such smart products can involve legal challenges if the technology used by one company closely mirrors patented technology belonging to another company. In the case of the Nest thermostat, a dispute arose between Honeywell and Nest over patents.

Artificial intelligence in the operating room

People in North Carolina who have had surgery may have had it done with the assistance of artificial intelligence, and in the future, robots may perform surgery instead of surgeons. In a study, a robot under supervision did a better job than human surgeons of performing soft-tissue surgery. Suturing and reconnecting bowel segments from a pig, a machine did well on both accuracy and precision.

Motorcycle safety myths to ignore

When riding a motorcycle on North Carolina roads, the best and perhaps only way to do so is defensively. This means that riders should assume that other vehicles will not see them and that riding at a speed appropriate for road conditions may reduce the odds of a crash. Unfortunately, there are myths abound that may interfere with safety and put inexperienced riders in dangerous situations.

Planning before starting a business

A North Carolina resident considering starting a new business may find that the effort can become overwhelming. Although entrepreneurship is often viewed as a means of gaining freedom in terms of both finances and time, the reality is that a business can require more time and money than anticipated. Before getting involved in a prospect, good research is important for ensuring that goals are well-defined.

Annual report shows decline in fatal truck crashes

North Carolina motorists who have been stuck in traffic because of a truck accident up the road may appreciate that the number of trucks involved in fatal accidents around the country went down by 5 percent in 2014 from the previous year. The statistic was part of a report published annually by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, although the data did not apportion blame.

Planning particularly important for technology companies

North Carolina residents who are thinking of starting their own businesses are sometimes deterred by the high failure rate among new commercial ventures. However, research conducted more than a decade ago by Bloomberg may give entrepreneurs who plan diligently reason to be cautiously optimistic. Bloomberg concluded that most new businesses do fail within five years, but researchers also found that business owners who regularly revisited and updated their business plans were still going strong after three years 85 percent of the time.

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