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Driving safety tips for Memorial Day weekend

On Behalf of | May 28, 2016 | Car Accidents |

With Memorial Day weekend coming, the unofficial gateway to summer will be upon us.  This means that plenty of people across North Carolina will likely head to their favorite mountain or beach resort. With all holiday weekends, it is likely that there will be more people on the road than usual on Friday to kick off the weekend, and on Monday as people return home. This ostensibly increases the chances chances for a car or motorcycle accident.

While most people drive prudently, not everyone does. Nevertheless, there are a few things that a driver can do to avoid being in an accident. 

Give yourself plenty of time – If you feel rushed (due to navigating construction tie ups or another accident) you have the natural inclination to drive more aggressively to get to your destination. To avoid this problem, try to give yourself plenty of time and simply enjoy the ride.  

Put the phone down – While you may not see as many PSAs (public service announcements) on distracted driving, texting and driving is still a big problem in North Carolina. With more drivers on the road this weekend, distracted driving creates more of a chance for an accident to occur. So devote your full attention to the road and put your cell phone down.

Don’t drive drunk – Most people understand that drunk driving is illegal, but they may still get behind the wheel thinking that they are ok to drive since they are only “tipsy” or “buzzed.” But like the PSAs say, “buzzed driving is drunk driving.” If you have been drinking, call an Uber or use a designated driver.