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Motorcycle safety myths to ignore

On Behalf of | May 11, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents |

When riding a motorcycle on North Carolina roads, the best and perhaps only way to do so is defensively. This means that riders should assume that other vehicles will not see them and that riding at a speed appropriate for road conditions may reduce the odds of a crash. Unfortunately, there are myths abound that may interfere with safety and put inexperienced riders in dangerous situations.

One such myth is that it is safer to ride on a street as opposed to the highway. However, the truth is that most crashes occur on streets because of narrower lanes and opposing traffic. Therefore, even though riders may going at a slower rate of speed, their chances of getting hurt in a crash may be greater.

While some people believe that new riders should spring for a big motorcycle, the truth is that bigger bikes are harder to handle and control while going around turns and other tight corners. Something else that riders may believe that isn’t true is that riders wear leather because its cool. Actually, leather is preferred because it can keep riders warm and can protect against cuts and scrapes. Along with leather, wearing a helmet with a mask that covers the entire face can keep cold, bugs and other debris out of a rider’s eyes and help them focus on the road.

A motorcycle accident could lead to the rider sustaining traumatic brain injuries. If it can be established that the negligence of another motorist was the cause of the collision, a lawyer can sometimes assist an injured victim in pursuing a financial award for the losses that have been incurred through the filing of a personal injury lawsuit.