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Increasing security for clubs and bars

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2016 | Premises Liability |

Following the Pulse club shooting, many North Carolina residents have been left wondering how bar owners were going to increase safety. The Orlando tragedy left 49 dead and many others wounded.

According to a premises liability consultant, those who own bars, nightclubs and other businesses need to be able to assess threat levels based on where they are located. This is extremely important if the business may be targeted due to the demographic it caters to. Some businesses may be able to strengthen their security measures by using metal detection devices and pat downs at the entrance. Additionally, staff should be able to remain vigilant during closing hours, especially if the establishment serves drinks as patrons may become impaired.

Patrons can also increase their own security when visiting businesses that may be targeted. If a bar shooting does occur, patrons who can get away should run and take others with them if possible. If they cannot get out, finding a place to hide should be the next step. People who are at serious risk of becoming injured or killed should consider fighting back if possible. Those who are in danger of being injured or killed should follow their instincts.

Business owners are responsible for keeping their building as safe as possible for their patrons. In some instances, inadequate security can make a situation far worse. People who have been injured at a club due to an incident that was exacerbated by lax or inattentive security may want to meet with an attorney to see if there are valid grounds for filing a premises liability lawsuit against the owner.