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Having a growth plan is part of an exit strategy

Most business owners in North Carolina are looking for ways to increase revenue and add value to their business. A major part in doing so is making sure that it has transferable value, or value that remains even after the company's original owner has left. When a business has a lot of transferable value, its owners can be more confident that they will have the option of retiring or at least selling it for a nice profit.

Swimming misconceptions that could lead to drowning

When the summer months heat up, many North Carolina residents head to their backyard pool or local swimming pool to cool off. However, many people drown every single year. While many of these drownings are caused by medical episodes or carelessness, other accidents occur because of hazardous premises.

Common medication errors that patients make

North Carolina residents who have drug prescriptions could be seriously injured if they skip a dose, take the wrong amount or eat foods that don't interact well with the drugs that they are taking. These types of medication mistakes are very common. and lead to around 90,000 fatal or life-threatening incidents each year in the U.S.

New active steering system can control trucks to avoid crashes

On June 28, global commercial vehicle parts suppliers WABCO and ZF revealed the new Evasive Maneuver Assist system, which does more than activate the braking systems in tractor-trailer trucks. North Carolina motorists might be thrilled to hear that it autonomously steers the trucks around stopped vehicles when it detects that just braking is insufficient to prevent an accident.

How psoriatic arthritis is misdiagnosed

People in North Carolina with psoriatic arthritis may be misdiagnosed with the more common osteoarthritis. While there are some symptoms that set the two apart, they are also similar in many ways. This can raise problems because the treatments for the two conditions are very different. As much as 70 percent of the population aged 55 to 78 suffer from osteoarthritis while fewer people develop psoriatic arthritis.

Researchers say trainee surgeons need more feedback

Before surgeons can perform operations on real patients in North Carolina hospitals, they must undergo years of training with cadavers. During this training, residents might commit any number of egregious errors such as severing a pretend patient's blood vessel or nerve. Learning from the errors that are made on cadavers helps trainees to develop the skills they will need to perform real surgeries later on.

Breast surgery outcomes affected by patient position during MRI

Individuals in North Carolina who may be at risk for breast cancer may be interested in a recent study relating the accuracy of MRI scans. It appears that how a patient is positioned during the imaging can have a seriously detrimental effect on the accuracy of the surgery.

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