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What to know about selling a business

North Carolina entrepreneurs who are trying to sell their business should understand that many factors determine how quickly that goal may be accomplished. In some cases, the price that the business owner wants may be more than what a professional valuation reveals the company to be worth. Furthermore, a buyer may need to take into account any interest paid on a loan used to acquire a business.

What to do after buying a business

North Carolina entrepreneurs know that buying a company is just the first step in actually running it. After the company is acquired, they may want to make changes to how it is run, who will handle daily operations and what products or services that it offers. However, these changes must be made gradually while building a rapport with existing staff.

Basics of buying a franchise in North Carolina

When people are considering opening their own businesses, they may consider purchasing a franchise. As a franchisee, a person can take advantage of an established business or brand name as well as associated products. Much of the work related to developing advertising, logos and creating products and services is already done. Franchisors will also typically provide assistance with setting up a location, including providing training, assistance programs and advice on management and hiring.

Choosing a business transaction attorney in Fayetteville

Entrepreneurs in North Carolina are generally quick to spot favorable situations in overlooked market segments or emerging areas of the economy, but they sometimes lack the regulatory and legal knowledge needed to take advantage of these opportunities before they are gone. If you are thinking of starting or buying a business in the Fayetteville area, you may wish to seek out an experienced business law attorney who forges strong client relationships and has worked with both established and nascent companies.

NHTSA proposes driver mode feature for cell phones

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released proposed vehicle manufacturing guidelines that could affect drivers in North Carolina. While they are not binding, the guidelines propose in-vehicle systems that would pair with smartphones in order to prevent motorists from accessing distracting apps while driving.

Reasons to sell just one portion of a business

North Carolina business owners might make the decision to sell a portion of their company rather than the whole thing. Selling a piece of a business is referred to as a divestiture, and it may involve the sale of one or more business units. Some businesses may also decide to recapitalize, or sell off a percentage of their shares.

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