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Business debt collections approaches

| Jan 17, 2017 | Business Collections |

In North Carolina, businesses sometimes have trouble collecting on debts that are owed to them. If your business has had difficulty collecting payments that are past due, there are legal avenues to take.

Both state and federal laws apply to how you can go about collecting on a debt. If you make mistakes when you work to collect debts, your business could face penalties, including fines. It is important that the debt collection process complies with all relevant state and federal laws.

In addition to understanding the laws that apply to debt collection practices, it is also important that you understand which strategies might work the best in order to secure payment. You might need to use different strategies for debts that are older versus those that are more recent. You may also have to understand how to identify the different types of debtors so that you have a better understanding of the likelihood of recovering a debt short of going to court.

The attorneys at Britton Law have experience collecting debts for business clients. With each client, they work to identify the likelihood of securing repayment through normal debt collection practices. If necessary, the attorneys can file a debt collection lawsuit on behalf of a client. Our attorneys work to collect outstanding debts using legally sound collection practices so that clients do not accidentally violate the law. Our goal is to help clients collect payments in the most expedient manner possible. If your business is having trouble collecting on debts, you might want to read our business collections page for additional information.


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