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Keeping a business brand consistent

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2017 | Buying & Selling Businesses |

Purchasing a new business can be a significant investment. North Carolina residents who have purchased a business should understand the importance of maintaining its brand.

A brand can enhance the value of the business, ensuring that an owner can make the most of his or her efforts in sales and marketing. Business brands that continue to be effective are those that have a consistent message and design, and a few examples of these are The New York Times, Beretta and Mercedes-Benz.

Inconsistent and contradictory brands can make the message of a business confusing to its intended customers. In order for the business to retain long-term customers, consistency is essential. Having a consistent brand requires that the brand message be well defined and portray the company’s values and mission. The manner in which the business operates should be in line with the message in order to establish trust with customers.

The visual aspect of the brand is also important. The goal is to ensure that customers will automatically associate the company with its logo and other types of imagery. Once a carefully thought-out design has been created, steps should be taken to make sure that it is legally protected in order to prevent other businesses from replicating it. Tone is another aspect of a brand that should be consistent, and the same tone should be present in all of the company’s communications.

An attorney who practices business law may assist clients with buying and selling businesses. Some of the legal services that may be included are the drafting and reviewing purchasing agreements, negotiating contract terms or overseeing complicated business transactions. The attorney may also assist with the valuation of business assets.