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Underride guards on the sides of trailers promote safety

Commercial truckers in North Carolina that are concerned about driving safety should know that recent tests indicate that side underride guards for trailers can reduce the risk of injury and death in the event of an accident. These tests were conducted in early 2017 by IIHS, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Due diligence advice when shopping for a business to buy

The acquisition of existing internet businesses gives North Carolina residents opportunities to run companies that are already generating revenue instead of starting up a new venture. Purchasing one, however, requires due diligence with the most important aspect being a careful examination of the financial records of the company.

Motorcycle accident fatality rates may be increasing

People in North Carolina who operate motorcycles should know that motorcyclists made up 14 percent of all of the traffic deaths in 2015. They accounted for 17 percent of driver and passenger fatalities as well as 4 percent of both the number of all individuals injured and the number all occupants who were injured.

Steps in selling a business

North Carolina business owners should plan ahead, possibly even years ahead, if they want to sell their companies. Furthermore, it may take up to a year to finalize a deal. They should ensure that everything related to intellectual property and financial records are in order. It is also necessary to get the business valued. An owner who is not happy with the valuation might look at ways to increase the value of the business. The owner should try to think like a buyer and remember that a buyer will be looking for something that will generate income.

Industry leaders discuss driverless tech

North Carolina truckers may be aware that multiple companies are competing to develop autonomous trucks. However, at a meeting with representatives of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, those associated with the trucking industry urged manned control of tractor-trailers. Members of the public were also allowed to take part in the listening session that took place at the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance workshop.

How to get maximum value for a business

North Carolina entrepreneurs who are looking to sell their business should know that there are a few ways to do so. In a financial sale, a buyer is looking to take advantage of the future cash flow that the company will generate. As there is some risk that the revenue will go away, the buyer may not pay a premium for future cash flows alone.

Employer's liability in murder case

North Carolina companies should know that they could be held responsible for the actions of an employee if they had prior knowledge of the employee's abusive behavior. In April 2017, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit decided that a lawsuit against a home improvement chain alleging its negligence in the murder of a pregnant employee by a supervisor will be sent back to the lower court to be heard.

Creating a business that will attract buyers

North Carolina entrepreneurs might be interested in building a company that they can eventually sell. However, this is not something that is done easily or quickly. A business that will be attractive to buyers and make money for the owner who sells it must be developed over time and with that goal in mind.

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