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More baby boomer businesses may be available

More businesses created by baby boomers in North Carolina might be for sale in the years ahead. Younger generations who are interested in buying companies may be able to take advantage of these opportunities. However, the volume of businesses on the market does not mean that all of them are good. Potential buyers should have a set of criteria in mind and do their research.

Vitality measures to consider when buying or selling businesses

In many cases, North Carolina entrepreneurs make the decision to purchase a business without looking at all the necessary data. New buyers and sellers may want to follow the path of professional investors, which involves focusing on what are known as key performance indicators.

Working with employees when selling a business

People in North Carolina who are considering selling a business may be concerned about when and how to inform employees. While the business owner might want to make sure that employees are taken care of, it is important to not mention the potential sale if it is not yet a sure thing. Doing so could drive away key employees and weaken the business if the owner then decides not to sell. If the business must be sold by a certain date for some reason, the owner might want to inform the employees of this date.

Unannounced brake safety blitz sidelines trucks

Road users in North Carolina and around the country may be alarmed to learn that nearly 2,000 large commercial trucks were ordered out of service after the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducted an unannounced safety crackdown on May 3. The nonprofit association's inspectors checked the braking systems and other safety equipment of more than 9,000 semi-tractor trailers in 10 Canadian provinces and 33 U.S. states during the one-day safety blitz according to a press release.

Truck and bus accidents on the rise

Large trucks and buses have been involved in a number of serious crashes in North Carolina and across the United States. Data shows that the number of fatal crashes could be escalating, even if it remains below its 21st-century high point. In 2015, there were 4,311 large trucks and buses that were involved in deadly auto crashes around the country.

Maintaining company culture after an acquisition

North Carolina entrepreneurs understand that they set the tone for a company culture and establish its mission. When a large company acquires a smaller startup, the small company might expect to lose its identity, but steps can be taken to ensure that the company maintains its valuable attributes that attracted the buyer in the first place.

Benefits to owners who purchase a business

Even experienced entrepreneurs in Fayetteville are often faced with overwhelming obstacles when starting a new business, so it may make sense for them to consider other options. These include franchise opportunities or the purchase of a business that already has an established presence in its market. When people seek to purchase a business or a business plan with associated name recognition, they will still face a number of financial and legal hurdles.

Proposed tax changes could increase profits for small businesses

Small business operators in North Carolina should keep a close eye on the tax reform that might emerge at the federal level. Tax code changes proposed by President Trump could provide some relief and allow businesspeople to keep more of their profits.

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