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Benefits to owners who purchase a business

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2017 | Buying & Selling Businesses |

Even experienced entrepreneurs in Fayetteville are often faced with overwhelming obstacles when starting a new business, so it may make sense for them to consider other options. These include franchise opportunities or the purchase of a business that already has an established presence in its market. When people seek to purchase a business or a business plan with associated name recognition, they will still face a number of financial and legal hurdles.

One downside to starting a business from scratch is that lenders are less likely to trust the new versus the established model. This is not to say that lenders are in a rush to give money to anyone, even business purchasers with a long track record of success. Lenders will still require lengthy financial checks and collateral, such as real estate or business assets. Franchisees may have an easier time in this department, depending on the company’s policy found in the Franchise Disclosure Document.

Another downside for new startups is the need to research law governing their product or service. Those who purchase a business franchise often have a much easier time with this, but their success is still highly contingent on understanding the terms of operation.

North Carolina business owners can enjoy a high degree of success, but this requires planning and information. Just as a sound budget accounts for the tax implications of payroll, depreciating business assets and other factors, a sound business model will need to cover compliance with regulations and licensing. The purchase of a business or franchise can lessen this burden, but owners need to know what is provided and their responsibilities prior to entering an agreement. An attorney experienced in business law may perform this research, study contracts and offer advice on the legal ramifications of the proposed transaction.