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Unannounced brake safety blitz sidelines trucks

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2017 | Commercial Truck Accidents |

Road users in North Carolina and around the country may be alarmed to learn that nearly 2,000 large commercial trucks were ordered out of service after the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducted an unannounced safety crackdown on May 3. The nonprofit association’s inspectors checked the braking systems and other safety equipment of more than 9,000 semi-tractor trailers in 10 Canadian provinces and 33 U.S. states during the one-day safety blitz according to a press release.

The association of provincial, federal, state and local traffic safety officials and industry representatives say that it conduct this kind of unannounced operation to both identify vehicles that are violating safety regulations and monitor how well crucial equipment like anti-lock braking systems are being maintained and repaired by commercial vehicle operators. The focus of the May 3 CVSA effort was brake safety, and the organization reports that 1,146 of the 1,989 tractor-trailers ordered off the roads during Brake Safety Day were pulled out of service for brake-related issues or violations.

According to the CVSA, commercial vehicles are most commonly ordered out of service for brake-related violations, and issues with ABS systems are worryingly common. These systems can prevent crashes and save lives when they function properly, but inspectors on May 3 found ABS violations on 8 percent of the 4,635 trucks that were required to have the technology by law.

While many commercial truck accident lawsuits are filed against negligent truck drivers, trucking companies may be sued instead when accidents are caused by poor maintenance, lax oversight or inadequate safety protocols. Experienced attorneys can review a company’s maintenance logs and other records to establish liability for damages on behalf of an injured victim.