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Investing in existing online businesses might be smart

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2017 | Buying & Selling Businesses |

North Carolina residents who are thinking about starting new online businesses might want to consider investing in existing ones. When people purchase existing businesses, they have several advantages. Existing online businesses are already profitable, meaning that people who purchase them do not have to spend the time building up the business from the ground. They also have assets such as customer lists and other things that can help the new business owners to get off the ground and running quickly.

Beyond the advantages of buying existing online businesses instead of building new ones, choosing to invest in an online company also has advantages over purchasing brick-and-mortar businesses. When a business is on the internet, it allows the owner the freedom to work from anywhere. Online business owners can also choose the hours that they work and use virtual assistants for the hours that they are not working. 


Online businesses have overall lower levels of financial risk and operational costs. They normally require less money initially and don’t require such things as expensive commercial leases. Online business owners can also use drop shipping to eliminate the need to store inventory. Finally, marketing and advertising on the internet are scalable and measurable. When business owners use such things as Google Adwords and Facebook campaigns, they can readily see the costs per visitor and the conversion rates.

People who want to purchase a business might want to consult with a business and commercial law attorney before proceeding with the business transactions. Business attorneys may help their clients to analyze the businesses in order to determine whether or not they are profitable. They may also assist their clients with negotiating the terms of the sales agreements so that they are more favorable. Attorneys may help through every stage of the transactions up through the closings.