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Bendix products may protect trucks from collisions

| Oct 20, 2017 | Commercial Truck Accidents |

At the recent North American Commercial Vehicle Show, Bendix introduced several new safety products and updates for commercial trucks. Their Intellipark system in particular can prevent incidents commonly known as rollaways, which occur when drivers leave their trucks without engaging the air brakes. This electronic parking brake may benefit drivers and their companies in North Carolina.

The Intellipark system works by automatically engaging the brakes whenever the driver leaves the cab. The interlocks can be placed in strategic areas like the seat, seatbelt or cab door. The system also comes with switches that are more ergonomic than the traditional push-and-pull variety, making it easier for drivers to manually engage the brakes.

Bendix will also be releasing a software update for their Wingman Fusion system, a collision mitigation system that utilizes radar, video data and input from the brake system to provide emergency braking, lane departure warnings and adaptive cruise control. With the EnduraSure and EnduraSure Pro, Bendix has also introduced a durable, corrosion-resistant line of spring brakes.

In addition, the company has been investing in air disc brakes, even creating an online tool allowing users to compare costs. Air disc brakes are known to reduce stopping distance and tend to be less expensive than drum brakes.

Despite these technological advances, issues like improper maintenance and defective parts can still lead to commercial truck accidents. If a motorist is injured by a reckless truck driver, they may consult with a lawyer about filing an injury claim. The lawyer could hire investigators to check the accident scene, driver’s background and federal trucking regulations. Sometimes, companies will encourage drivers to take certain risks, such as driving without the prescribed number of breaks. The lawyer could bring these points up at the negotiation stage.


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