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Driving next to large trucks

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2017 | Commercial Truck Accidents |

Some North Carolina motorists may be reluctant to drive next to 18-wheelers and other large trucks. However, there are certain steps they can take to remain safe when sharing the road with these vehicles.

Drivers should refrain from speeding up when a large truck is attempting to move into their lane. Trying to move ahead of the truck in that manner in order to avoid driving behind it can result in an accident as trucks are unable to slow down or stop as quickly as smaller vehicles.

The large trucks can be passed safely if drivers take extra care to allow more space than they would provide for smaller vehicles. Before moving in front of the truck, drivers should make sure that the front of the truck can be seen in their rear-view mirror. Every effort should be made to avoid situations in which the truck driver would be required to abruptly stop.

Motorists should also keep in mind that their vehicles may not be visible to the drivers of the large rigs. When turning, the truck drivers may find it necessary to swing to the left widely so that they are able to make a right turn. Passenger car drivers should practice patience to determine where the truck will turn. They should also be sure to allow the truck driver plenty of room to turn safely.

People who are injured in commercial truck accidents due to the negligence of another party may have legal recourse. A personal injury attorney may work to obtain financial compensation for clients who sustain serious injuries in an accident that was caused by negligent truck maintenance, truck driver fatigue, speeding, defective parts or improperly loaded cargo.