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Truckers’ health and road safety

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2017 | Commercial Truck Accidents |

Motorists in North Carolina who are apprehensive about driving near large commercial trucks may be interested to know that the health of the truck driver is a factor in road safety. In fact, according to a study conducted by a university, commercial truck drivers who have at least three medical conditions have two to four times the risk of getting in an accident than healthier drivers.

The results of the study indicate that unhealthy truckers present risks to themselves as well as other drivers. The data directly links failing health in truck drivers with the rising risk of a crash occurring.

Remaining in good health can be a difficult task for truck drivers. They normally have to sit down for extended periods of time and may develop poor sleep habits due to inadequate sleeping accommodations. Eating healthful meals while out on the road can be another challenge for truck drivers.

The medical records for 49,464 commercial truck drivers were examined for the study, and data was found that showed poor health was associated with multiple risks. Thirty-four percent of the drivers exhibited symptoms associated with at least one of the many medical conditions, including diabetes, heart disease and low back pain, that was related to subpar driving.

When the crash and medical histories of the drivers were matched, the results show that drivers with three or more of the identified medical conditions had a greater likelihood of being in a vehicle accident. Eighty-two drivers formed the highest risk group and had a greater risk for multiple types of crashes.

People injured in commercial truck accidents may have legal cause to pursue financial damages. A personal injury may file lawsuits against negligent truck drivers, truck carriers or truck manufacturers for accidents caused by negligent truck maintenance, unqualified drivers or defective auto parts.