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How a seller mentality may benefit fast-casual restaurant owners

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2018 | Buying & Selling Businesses |

Even when a restaurant is not currently for sale, Pennsylvania entrepreneurs may want to be prepared to explore the potential benefits of this type of transaction. It’s fast-casual restaurants, in particular, that tend to be appealing to buyers since this niche is expected to be a $70 billion industry. Consequently, there may be opportunities available some owners are not considering.

Some restaurant owners are under the impression that buying and selling businesses isn’t something to consider when everything is fine and revenue flow is healthy. But it’s often when a fast-casual restaurant is thriving that such businesses become more attractive to buyers looking to acquire a solid, established business. Having a “for-sale” mindset provides an added incentive for owners to avoid becoming complicate when everything is going well. Doing so may eventually affect a restaurant’s performance and appeal to potential buyers.

A shift in mentality means looking for opportunities to improve customer satisfaction. Restaurant owners prepared to impress buyers are more likely to pay attention to bookkeeping and other essential back-end details that might otherwise be overlooked. A seller mindset also makes it easier to define selling criteria and establish a duplicatable business model.

The transition to a selling mindset may be smoother with the right insights from an attorney familiar with business law matters. A lawyer might help fast-casual business owners evaluate business assets to determine how appealing their business would likely be to a potential buyer. A lawyer may also be able to review financial and legal documents to determine if they are complete. While successful fast-casual restaurant owners may not always be looking to sell, there are many compelling reasons to keep options open.