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Investigation is key to trucking claims

Sharing road space with big rigs is a safety risk that Arizona motorists take almost every day. The size and weight difference between fully loaded tractor-trailers and passenger cars creates extreme danger when collisions happen. While most truckers are highly trained and skilled, they are only human, and the slightest mistake can have deadly consequences. Considering the volume of freight transported by trucks, the large number of injury and death claims against negligent trucking companies is not surprising.

Truck drivers at fault in most fatal crashes according to study

The number of truck accidents in North Carolina and around the country has risen quite a bit, and a comprehensive study from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests that truck driver errors and recklessness are largely to blame when lives are lost. The federal safety agencies studied 120,000 fatal truck accidents that took place over a 33-month period, and the truck driver was determined to have been at fault more than two-thirds of the time when multiple vehicles were involved.

Helmets and motorcycles

Motorcyclists who are concerned about being safe on North Carolina roads should know that wearing a helmet reduces the risk of acquiring a cervical spine injury in a crash. This is according to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Wisconsin.

The debate over motorcycle lane-splitting

Drivers may not realize that lane-splitting isn't specifically legal or illegal in North Carolina. This maneuver where a motorcyclist rides between two lanes has its advocates and detractors. Currently, California is the only state that allows for lane-splitting, but at least seven states are considering bills that could legalize it.

Determining the value of a small business

Before purchasing a small business, North Carolina entrepreneurs should make sure that they receive the best value possible. While there can be many exciting personal factors that make a particular business a compelling investment, it is also important to thoroughly review the necessary financial documentations in order to protect one's interests. A business valuation is based on current financial activities, previous activity, potential for growth and existing levels of revenue.

The OOIDA wants its argument to be reconsidered

Commercial truck drivers in North Carolina may be interested in knowing that the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association submitted a motion to the United States Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals to have its argument against the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reheard. The organization is asserting that the federal agency modified sleep apnea screening rules in an illegal manner.

Small businesses selling for at or above market value

Individuals who sell their small- or medium-sized companies in North Carolina or elsewhere may be able to get more than their asking price. That is the finding from a fourth-quarter survey taken by industry groups in collaboration with Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business. People who were selling their companies for less than $500,000 were getting 3 percent more than what they wanted from the sale.

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