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The debate over motorcycle lane-splitting

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Drivers may not realize that lane-splitting isn’t specifically legal or illegal in North Carolina. This maneuver where a motorcyclist rides between two lanes has its advocates and detractors. Currently, California is the only state that allows for lane-splitting, but at least seven states are considering bills that could legalize it.

Supporters of lane-splitting claim that it can help reduce commute times for both drivers and motorcyclists. They say it also keeps motorcyclists safer by preventing them from getting rear-ended by drivers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has suggested further study into the benefits of lane-splitting, which is common in many other countries.

In 2015, the University of California Berkeley conducted a study showing that lane-splitting can be safe when traffic is moving slower than 50 mph. The authors of the study also believe that the maneuver can reduce the number of head and torso injuries. However, AAA opposes any attempts to legalize lane-splitting.

One of the greatest dangers, according to detractors, is that motorcyclists can be injured by vehicles changing lanes. Furthermore, lane-splitting can startle other drivers. There is also the concern that motorcyclists will not be educated in proper lane-splitting safety.

When motorcyclists are injured through the negligence of a driver, they may have the grounds for a valid insurance claim against that person’s auto insurance company. However, it might be wise to hire a motorcycle accident attorney for the process of filing a claim. Motorcycle accidents often involve incapacitating brain injuries or death. In such cases, attorneys can work with the families to achieve a settlement. Legal counsel could have the accident investigated and handle all negotiations as well.