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Purchasing existing businesses

Investors in North Carolina who are interested in purchasing an existing business may want to consider acquiring viable businesses from owners who are ready to retire. These types of deals provide the best opportunities because the owners are less inclined to change their minds and may be more open to financing a portion of the purchasing amount to obtain a monthly income. However, it is still important to keep in mind certain factors when purchasing a business.

Guidelines for selling a company

According to BizBuySell's 2018 Q1 Insight Report, there was high demand for companies in North Carolina and throughout the nation. However, there are many steps that business owners should take if they are looking to get the most money from a sale. In some cases, maximizing a company's sale price starts by founding or buying a company in a sector that is growing quickly.

Bosch develops pressurized gas anti-slip device for motorcycles

Due to the nature of their designs, motorcycles rarely have as many safety features as traditional automobiles. Auto parts manufacturer Bosch is attempting to change that by introducing an anti-slide device that promises to make riding in North Carolina safer than ever. This slide mitigation system uses a burst of pressurized gas to counteract a motorcycle that's slipping too far in one direction. It takes advantage of a principle of Newtonian mechanics used by spaceships.

When to sell the family business

North Carolina business owners may be considering whether selling the family business is a wise choice. While it may qualify as a failure in some situations, there are situations in which selling may be a sign a of progress. The sale of the business can result in a financial boon for the founding family. They will have the financial resources to pursue goals, make the family a priority and pursue any other interests they may have.

What to consider before buying a business

People who are interested in buying a North Carolina business need to be careful throughout the process of doing so. In many cases, the purchase doesn't work out because the buyer didn't do proper diligence or otherwise made a poor decision. During the purchase process, look out for sellers who seem desperate to get rid of their companies quickly. This is because they could ask for a sale price that isn't justified by the company's performance.

Selling a business made easy

Business owners in North Carolina may be hesitant to follow through on the goal of selling their companies. However, the process can be made easier by having a group of advisers. The team should be comprised of those who have gone through the process of selling a business in the past. Ideally, there will be people who have financial and legal backgrounds as well as those who the owner personally trusts.

Selling could be preferable to closing a business

Business owners in North Carolina and throughout the country may feel as if they have lost the passion needed to run their companies. This could be because the economy is changing and they don't believe that it is worth the effort to change with the times. In some cases, business owners may choose to just close their doors because they don't believe the company could attract a buyer.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed in Parkland shooting case

North Carolina residents who have followed the aftermath of the shooting at Margery Stoneman Douglas High School might be interested to learn that the father of a teenager killed in that incident has filed a lawsuit against multiple parties. The defendants include the armed resource officer who was on duty in the school at the time but did not enter the building; the estate of the late mother of Nikolas Cruz, the man accused of carrying out the killings; the people with whom Cruz lived leading up to the massacre; and the mental health facilities that treated the man. According to the lawsuit, all of these parties failed to prevent the shooting.

Parents file a lawsuit after daughter dies on plane

In North Carolina, wrongful death claims demand adequate compensation after a preventable accident. A recent news story reported that a woman from South Carolina died on an airplane in April 2016. The 25-year-old woman's parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit claiming that the pilot was negligent because he did not redirect the airplane to undergo an emergency landing when their daughter needed medical attention. Furthermore, the lawsuit claimed that the crew did not furnish modern medical equipment during the episode.

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