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Parents file a lawsuit after daughter dies on plane

On Behalf of | May 2, 2018 | Wrongful Death |

In North Carolina, wrongful death claims demand adequate compensation after a preventable accident. A recent news story reported that a woman from South Carolina died on an airplane in April 2016. The 25-year-old woman’s parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit claiming that the pilot was negligent because he did not redirect the airplane to undergo an emergency landing when their daughter needed medical attention. Furthermore, the lawsuit claimed that the crew did not furnish modern medical equipment during the episode.

The incident began when the young woman suddenly fainted during the flight. A physician on board said that she had experienced a panic attack. However, within a few hours, the woman’s symptoms became worse. The same physician claims he advised the flight attendants and pilot to land the plane right away. The captain reportedly ignored the doctor’s plea and continued to fly the plane to its destination.

In the meantime, the woman was vomiting. Prior to landing the plane, she was no longer able to breathe and slipped into a coma. The woman died in a hospital shortly after the pilot finally landed the plane. The medical diagnosis was that she died because of a blood clot lodged in a lung. The personal injury attorney representing her parents in a wrongful death lawsuit stated that the claim was based on several factors. One issue was that the medical equipment used by the crew was broken. The other issue was that the pilot refused to land the plane even though a doctor said that the woman’s life was at risk.

When a fatal accident occurs because of negligence, the immediate family members might consult with a personal injury attorney immediately. An attorney may be able to negotiate for a settlement or prove negligence in a court trial.