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Information about merging, buying, or selling a business

Transactions involving an established North Carolina business involves a lot of complex agreements between parties that may not have the exact same interests. In an asset purchase, the buyer purchases all or a certain portion of the company's assets while taking on certain of its liabilities. This allows the buyer to take on a limited amount of risk while retaining a portion of ownership for the owner.

Using reverse mergers

Business owners in North Carolina who want to take their private business public have multiple options. One option, a reverse merger, is a cheaper, shorter and simpler alternative to a conventional initial public offering. Its process involves using an investment bank to underwrite shares of the company and then issue them.

What to know about acquiring a company

When buying an existing company in North Carolina, it is important to properly structure the deal. One way to do so is through an asset purchase. In such a scenario, a buyer could purchase all the assets a company owns. It is also possible to purchase specific assets such as a trademark, a certain division of the business or whatever makes sense to the buyer. As a general rule, the buyer assumes all the liabilities that come with the assets purchased.

Safety concerns for motorcycle passengers

North Carolina fans of motorcycles know that safety is among the most important factors when it comes to motorcycle ownership. For passengers too, safety is the most important thing. If riders want to carry passengers, it's a good idea to complete a motorcycle safety course first. Having a second rider on the vehicle can change the weight and balance significantly.

Fatigue among commercial truck drivers a serious safety issue

Truck drivers in North Carolina have demanding jobs. This is why hours-of-service regulations require that they rest after working 14 hours. Mandatory breaks could counteract fatigue, which causes many accidents every year. Records at the U.S. Department of Transportation show that close to 33,000 citations were written in 2017 against truckers who exceeded the legal limit of work hours.

Disclosing information during the sale of a business

Business owners in North Carolina have a lot to consider when making decisions about buying or selling a business. There are many factors to keep in mind throughout the process in order for there to be a successful outcome for both parties. The process of negotiations may include a large number of information disclosures and requests for further details, and it can be challenging for the entrepreneurs involved to navigate these questions.

What to know before acquiring a startup

To get the best deal, those looking to buy a company in North Carolina or elsewhere may want to let logic override their emotions. In some cases, it may be easier for existing companies to simply make their own product. It could be possible to emulate the business model that makes a acquisition target attractive in the first place. Asking these questions can provide insight into whether an acquisition is worth pursuing.

Employee stock plans an option for business transition

Some business owners in North Carolina may want to look at an alternative idea for transition upon retirement or career change - selling the company to employees. The use of an ESOP or employee stock ownership plan has been available to owners for years, but is rarely used when business owners look for sales option. In many cases, business owners sell to a larger company, an equity firm or a competing business. However, the owner can also sell the business for market value to a trust in which employees can buy stock.

Common injuries in the wake of trucking accidents

Commercial truck accidents can be a frequent occurrence in North Carolina. Unfortunately, they happen to be one of the most devastating types of accidents. Approximately 97 percent of truck accident fatalities are the occupants of passenger vehicles. If they do survive, the occupants often come away with serious, long-term injuries. Even cuts and lacerations can leave scars and some form of psychological problem.

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