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July 2018 Archives

Important considerations when selling a business

Selling a business in North Carolina is a process can be made smoother with careful planning. For starters, it's usually recommended that a seller really know their company, its value, and what they want to accomplish with a sale. For instance, completely giving up ownership of a business and opting for an equity partner are two entirely different processes legally. While purchase price is frequently a top factor with such arrangements, it can be just as helpful for sellers to consider cultural and strategic fit, contract terms, and certainty to close.

Distance from rest areas affects fatigue-related CMV crash rates

Truckers in North Carolina should know that researchers from the University of Kentucky have conducted a study about how fatigue-related commercial vehicle crash rates are affected by proximity to rest areas. The results were published in Accident Analysis & Prevention in November of 2017.

FMCSA changes its approach to CSA revisions

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Compliance, Safety and Accountability program is designed to ensure that truck operators in North Carolina and around the country properly maintain and repair their vehicles, but the system used to calculate safety scores has been criticized. Trade groups accused the FMCSA of using incomplete data and misleading the public, and Congress answered their calls in 2015 by requiring the government safety watchdog to revise its CSA rules with the passage of the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act.

Ways to make a business more attractive to buyers

Business owners in North Carolina and all across the country put time, resources and effort into building a solid company. They are proud of the businesses they have created. However, many business owners reach a point where they want to move on. They may want to start a different venture or focus on different aspects of their life, so they opt to sell their business.

Truck drivers say negligent motorists are the top safety concern

Passenger vehicle drivers in North Carolina and around the country should drive more carefully around large commercial vehicles according to a poll of the nation's truck drivers. The fleet management services company Teletrac Navman invited commercial vehicle drivers to share their thoughts about improving road safety during a month-long contest, and impatient passenger vehicle motorists cutting them off or squeezing into small gaps in traffic was their most commonly cited concern.

Water Safety Guide For Parents of Young Children

I have a healthy concern for children and water safety which comes from the perspective of both a mother and of a lawyer who has seen some of the worst that can happen. The Ultimate Guide to Swimming Safety For Kids is a good and thorough resource to familiarize yourself with, especially if you have young children.

How to prepare for a business purchase

People in North Carolina who are thinking about starting or buying a business should keep several factors in mind. It is important for an entrepreneur to take the time to research and think about their options before they start or buy a company. This will lead to a greater chance at success.

Automated tech being developed for motorcycles

Motorcyclists in North Carolina may be thrilled to hear that some companies are now focused on creating automated-driving technology for motorcycles. This is a big step at least in innovation, and there's no doubt that others will follow suit in the effort to make motorcyclists safer. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 28 times as many motorcycle fatalities per mile traveled in 2016 than there were vehicle fatalities.

Brake Safety Week to target commercial motor vehicles

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has announced that its Brake Safety Week will take place from September 16 to 22. Certified personnel will conduct inspections of commercial motor vehicles to identify vehicles with brake violations and remove them from the road. North Carolina is part of CVSA's Region II. Poorly maintained or improperly installed brakes on commercial vehicles increase the danger to drivers.

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