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Automated tech being developed for motorcycles

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcyclists in North Carolina may be thrilled to hear that some companies are now focused on creating automated-driving technology for motorcycles. This is a big step at least in innovation, and there’s no doubt that others will follow suit in the effort to make motorcyclists safer. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 28 times as many motorcycle fatalities per mile traveled in 2016 than there were vehicle fatalities.

Auto parts supplier Bosch and a Canadian startup called Damon X Labs are just two companies that intend to create driver-assistance systems for motorcyclists. Bosch intends to fit motorcycles with adaptive cruise control, which can accelerate and decelerate in the effort to avoid collisions.

Ride Vision, a startup based in Israel, is currently working on a system that alerts motorcyclists to collision risks, such as when a car is passing or when the rider leans too hard. The system will utilize front- and rear-view cameras that give it a 360-degree view of the motorcyclist’s surroundings.

Incorporating such technology to motorcycles is easier than with vehicles, according to Ride Vision’s CEO. For example, there’s no need for radar or lidar sensors as cameras give an adequate enough view. The systems being made demand little in the way of hardware.

Without such features, motorcyclists will continue to put themselves at risk. They can, however, file for compensation if an accident was not their fault. Motorcycle accidents can often result in traumatic brain injuries, so it’s a good idea for victims to have legal representation that can fight for adequate compensation. The lawyer can have experts determine the extent of the injuries and then proceed to negotiate for an informal settlement.