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Ways to make a business more attractive to buyers

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2018 | Buying & Selling Businesses |

Business owners in North Carolina and all across the country put time, resources and effort into building a solid company. They are proud of the businesses they have created. However, many business owners reach a point where they want to move on. They may want to start a different venture or focus on different aspects of their life, so they opt to sell their business.

Business owners want to sell their business for the maximum price possible. In order to achieve this goal, a business owner should look at their business from the standpoint of a potential buyer. When a buyer considers purchasing a new business, they are making an investment. They want to see the best and quickest return on their investment. They may be interested in learning about the profitability of the business, but profitability does not just mean cash in the bank at the end of the week. Businesses with a high cash flow are the most appealing to potential buyers.

One great way to increase the cash flow of a business is to increase prices incrementally. Some business owners, especially small business owners, shy away from increasing the prices of the things they sell. They worry that by increasing prices, they’re going to scare away customers. If a business is selling common items that people can purchase everywhere for a cheaper price, then this is a valid concern. However, if a business is selling unique items that offer value to customers, it is unlikely that they are going to be scared away by an incremental price increase.

Another way to increase the cash flow of a business prior to selling it is to review the marketing strategy. Business owners want marketing strategies that produce a high return on investment. They should focus their money on marketing strategies that are working and quit paying for those that don’t.

Business law, especially laws connected to business transactions, can be complicated. A commercial law attorney may be able to help their clients understand these laws and avoid unnecessary fines, fees and complications when they sell their business.