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August 2018 Archives

How teen motorcyclists can stay safe on the road

North Carolina teens who are licensed to ride motorcycles will want to keep the following safety tips in mind. After all, motorcycles are 35 times more likely than automobiles to be involved in fatal accidents. Teen motorcyclists also file collision claims about 5.7 times more often than motorcyclists between 35 and 50 years old.

The importance of an exit plan for business owners

Burnout, impending retirement or simply a wish to seek out new opportunities are some reasons why business owners sell their companies. However, it is important for business owners in North Carolina and elsewhere to have an exit plan. Creating a plan may make it easier for the company to transition from its current owner to the new one. Having a plan is also a good idea if a company will be transferred to a family member.

Two factors contribute to most large truck crashes

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has recently conducted research into why large truck accidents happen on North Carolina and other roads. Safety defects with the vehicles themselves and long driver hours were two of the main reasons why they occur. In fact, a truck with a significant defect was three times more likely to get into an accident than those without them. Research showed that a violation of any kind could raise the risk of an accident by 50 percent.

Considerations when thinking of selling a business

Business owners in North Carolina may be unsure about whether or when to take that next step toward selling their companies. While entrepreneurs may achieve substantial success from heading up their own companies, there can be a significant allure to selling the business, especially if a significant financial offer is at stake. Others may want to pursue new business ideas that are not possible to do until they exit their current enterprise.

Tips for mitigating dangers while riding a motorcycle

While it may be fun to ride a motorcycle on North Carolina roads, riders need to know how to keep themselves safe while doing so. If a person on a motorcycle wants to pass a vehicle, he or she should move through a driver's blind spots as quickly as possible. A motorcyclist should also check to ensure that the passing lane is clear. Those who are being passed should remain in the center of their lane.

Buyers and sellers of businesses

North Carolina residents who are interested in purchasing an existing small business or who are small business owners looking to cash out may be interested to learn that the selling prices for small businesses are breaking records. While the owners are placing their enterprises on the market to take advantage of the increasing prices, purchasers are willing to invest more because the businesses that are for sale have cash flows that are increasing.

Mistakes to avoid when purchasing a company

Prospective North Carolina business owners need to gather as much information as possible prior to buying a company. Performing due diligence can help a buyer make a purchase that is more likely to be a profitable one. Furthermore, it is important that a buyer has proper liquidity prior to closing the deal. In many cases, the buyer will need to put up 15 percent of the purchase price when getting a loan from a bank.

Motorcycle fatalities in North Carolina fall by 7 percent in 2017

Motorcycle fatalities in North Carolina fell by 7 percent in 2017 according to preliminary figures released by the Governors Highway Safety Association. The reduced casualty numbers come just a year after the number of motorcyclists killed on America's roads reached an eight-year high. According to the GHSA, motorcycle casualties in North Carolina fell from 152 in 2016 to 141 in 2017. Motorcycle accident deaths around the country fell by 8.6 percent from 5,251 in 2016 to 4,798 in 2017.

Wrongful death suit filed in wake of duck boat accident

North Carolina residents may remember the fatal duck boat accident that took place on July 19 in Missouri. A boat conducting a "Ride the Ducks" tour sank into Table Rock Lake after taking in too much water during a storm. The 31 passengers went under, and 17 drowned. On July 29, attorneys representing the families of the deceased filed a wrongful death suit against Ripley Entertainment, the company that runs the tours.

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