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Steps to making a business sale easier

An individual who owns a business operating in Pennsylvania may want to sell their company at some point in the future. In fact, this is one of the ways in which older generations will pass wealth to their children and grandchildren. As a general rule, it takes about three to five years to successfully prepare, market and sell a business to the right buyer.

Amazon faces lawsuit after employee passes away

Business owners in North Carolina may be aware of the issues that can arise if an employee is hurt or injured. The family of a man who worked for Amazon prior to his death is taking legal action against the company for wrongful death. He died in November 2016 of a heart attack while at home. Prior to his passing, he revealed to the company that he had HIV and various other medical conditions.

Tips for preparing a business to be sold

Business owners in North Carolina and throughout the country may feel as if they are ready to sell their companies. However, it doesn't mean that the business is ready to be put on the market. One of the most important parts of selling a company is making sure that is accurately represented to buyers. This means ensuring that all records are accurate and organized. Financial records should be put together using accepted accounting methods.

Knowing the risks can help foster safe driving

North Carolina motorists are generally accustomed to sharing the road with commercial vehicles. Much of America's freight is moved by big rigs, and commuting next to large trucks is simply a way of life for motorists. While anyone can recognize the massive size disparity between tractor-trailer rigs and passenger cars, not everyone truly appreciates the physics that accompany piloting big trucks and what they mean for typical drivers.

The role of technology in improving truck safety

Though advances in driverless technology are gaining a lot of attention, many believe that safety features like automatic emergency braking and backup alarms are creating a quiet revolution. These features can be a great benefit to fleet owners in North Carolina, cutting down on the number of accidents and even helping to improve driver training.

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