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Amazon faces lawsuit after employee passes away

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2018 | Wrongful Death |

Business owners in North Carolina may be aware of the issues that can arise if an employee is hurt or injured. The family of a man who worked for Amazon prior to his death is taking legal action against the company for wrongful death. He died in November 2016 of a heart attack while at home. Prior to his passing, he revealed to the company that he had HIV and various other medical conditions.

From February to May 2016, the man was granted a leave of absence. At that point, it was determined that there was no further need for the man to be excused from work. It also claimed that he was denied the right to work from home and was depressed because of that fact. According to the complaint against Amazon, the deceased filed a disability claim, but it was not discovered until months after he passed away.

According to an attorney for the family, the deceased individual was not terminally ill at the time of his death. Furthermore, the attorney said that the family is filing the suit to obtain more than just money; the plaintiff wants to call attention to the situation and ensure that other families don’t go through a similar issue.

Whenever preventable fatal accidents occur, an employer may be liable for damages a plaintiff incurs. These damages may include lost earnings, medical bills incurred prior to passing and other related costs. The family of the deceased individual might have legal standing to file a lawsuit. In some cases, the representative of the estate may have standing to do so instead. An attorney may help with a wrongful death case by taking depositions or gathering other evidence that could lead to a favorable outcome for the family.