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2019 International Roadcheck to focus on steering, suspension

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2019 | Commercial Truck Accidents |

Commercial truck drivers may be stopped at random for an inspection in North Carolina between June 4 and 6. These three days will encompass the 2019 International Roadcheck, an inspection spree held once a year by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. Inspectors will mostly conduct Level I inspections, which are the most comprehensive and cover both vehicle and operator compliance.

Drivers will be asked to provide documents like their CDLs, Medical Examiner’s Certificates and work logs. Trucks will have components like tires, wheels, brakes, lights and cargo securement chains and straps checked.

Steering and suspension will be the special focus of the 2019 Roadcheck. These components are essential for truck and bus safety, supporting the heavy loads of the vehicles and maintaining control and stability as they brake and accelerate. Steering and suspension also help in keeping proper wheel alignment, which means less uneven tire wear and, with it, a reduced chance of tire failure.

Those who pass the inspection will receive a CVSA decal as proof. Those who fail, on the other hand, will be put out of service. The 2018 Roadcheck led to nearly 12,000 vehicles and 2,600 drivers being issued out-of-service orders for violations. The most common vehicle violations involved the brakes. As for drivers, they were frequently caught with hours-of-service violations, the wrong class license or false logs.

Improper truck maintenance and HOS violations are just two common factors in commercial truck accidents. They are also examples of negligence and can provide the basis for a personal injury claim. A truck crash victim may want a lawyer to assess their case and determine how much they might receive in damages. These damages could cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and more. If retained, the lawyer may negotiate for a settlement out of court.