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July 2019 Archives

The risks of not treating sleep apnea

It isn't uncommon for commercial truck drivers to experience a condition called obstructive sleep apnea. Drivers who have the condition are five times more likely to be in an otherwise preventable crash compared to those who have sought treatment for it. In addition to putting their own health and safety at risk, they could be putting other North Carolina road users at risk as well.

Why business plans are essential for entrepreneurs

Starting a company in North Carolina or anywhere else can be easier by creating a plan. The plan will ideally account for the potential competitive advantages that it will have as well as how to fund the company. Those who are starting a business after being laid off may use their former employer's plan for inspiration. However, it can also be a good idea to talk with other small business owners to see how their plans are structured.

The challenges business owners face when selling their companies

Many business owners in North Carolina and throughout the nation have dreams of selling their companies and using the money to live an elevated lifestyle. However, it is important to consider how and when to sell a company to maximize its sale price. It is also important to consider how to manage the money acquired in that transaction.

Bill proposed that may mandate AEB for commercial trucks

Members of the Truck Safety Coalition, a nonprofit organization, have been pushing lawmakers to improve current safety regulations on commercial trucks. North Carolina residents should know that, in particular, they are calling for a law requiring automatic emergency braking on all commercial vehicles.

Checking numbers when buying businesses

People in North Carolina who want to purchase a business should do their due diligence to determine the actual financial state of the business they are considering. This requires conducting a thorough financial analysis on the business to determine if the numbers that were advertised or provided by the seller coincide with the numbers in the financial statements.

Multi-fatality crash sparks call for truck safety re-evaluation

Many truckers in North Carolina and other states have an honest desire to operate their vehicles safely. Even so, drivers are under pressure to meet deadlines and complete hauls to meet the demand for goods. An accident that occurred in early 2019 has led some individuals involved with the trucking industry to call for a re-evaluation of safety and training procedures.

Man dies in SunTrust Park, widow files wrongful death suit

The inventor of a beer-dispensing system called Draftwell died in what appears to have been a preventable accident, and now the widow is filing a wrongful death lawsuit. The incident took place in SunTrust Park, which North Carolina residents may know is the home ballpark of the Atlanta Braves. The man had installed Draftwell in two other Major League Baseball stadiums and was going to install it in SunTrust Park. Draftwell was supposed to reduce the average pour time for beer from 14 seconds to 5 seconds.

Agency seeks to relax truck driver restrictions

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there were 4,237 large truck crashes that resulted in fatalities and 344,000 large truck crashes that led to injuries in 2017. Drivers in North Carolina should be aware of commercial trucks on the road as these large trucks can cause catastrophic accidents.

What to think about prior to selling a business

Those who are seeking to sell their North Carolina businesses may have many questions about the process. They may also have concerns over what will happen to them after the deal is complete. Ideally, business owners will spend time learning about the financial and emotional impact that a sale could have. To keep the emotional impact to a minimum, individuals should consider why they want to sell and what they will do with the money.

Bipartisan Senate bill would mandate heavy truck speed limiters

Commercial vehicles in North Carolina and around the country that weigh more than 26,000 pounds would be required to use devices that limit their top speeds to 65 mph if a bipartisan bill introduced recently in the U.S. Senate becomes law. The Cullum Owings Large Truck Safe Operating Speed Act of 2019 also calls for trucks already equipped with speed limiters to have the devices set to 65 mph, but it would not require truck operators to install the technology in older tractor-trailers.

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