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October 2019 Archives

What to think about when selling a company

Selling a business can be challenging for both novice and experienced business owners. However, there are steps that those in North Carolina and throughout the country can take to maximize a company's sale price. It's generally a good idea for a business owner to work with a broker or other type of representative during the sale process. This person may have connections to accountants and other professionals who can provide value during the sale process.

Trucking fleets adopting advanced safety technology

If North Carolina drivers are like most Americans, they might feel a bit nervous sharing the road with commercial trucks. According to a recent survey by Verizon Connect, 67% of U.S. drivers believe that commercial truckers are more concerned with meeting their delivery schedule than with traffic safety. Meanwhile, 81% of drivers claim they've seen commercial truckers and other professional drivers speeding, improperly changing lanes, driving erratically, swerving off the road and taking turns too quickly.

Judge denies motion to dismiss in stuntman accident case

North Carolina residents who watch 'The Walking Dead" on television may know that a stuntman lost his life while an episode of the hit AMC show was being filmed in 2017. The stuntman died as the result of injuries he suffered in a fall, and a wrongful death lawsuit brought by his family claims that he would be alive today if AMC and a production company had not cut corners on safety.

Businesses don't always grow after an acquisition

It isn't uncommon for those who are looking to buy a business to believe that they can grow it rather quickly. However, this is a trap that buyers in North Carolina or elsewhere would be smart to avoid. This is especially true if a buyer doesn't have experience in the industry that a company occupies.

Mistakes to avoid when selling a company

Market conditions may be ideal for business owners in North Carolina to sell their companies for maximum profit. However, there are key mistakes that they need to avoid when trying to do so. For example, it is a good idea to avoid trying to be a superhero when it comes to running the organization. A buyer will want to see that there are people and systems in place that will continue to function when the original owner is gone.

Safety concerns surround proposed changes to trucking regulations

Commercial truck drivers traveling the roads of North Carolina must comply with many federal safety regulations. Some trucking industry groups, like the American Trucking Association, support changes to existing rules, but they continue to face opposition. Bills circulating currently in the U.S. House and Senate could lower allowable ages for employment as long-haul truckers. In 2018, the Drive Safe Act failed to win congressional approval after the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Owner-Operators Independent Drivers Association expressed concerns about inexperienced younger drivers.

Many U.S. truck drivers are sleep-deprived

Truckers in North Carolina know how prone they can be to drowsy driving. A Ball State University has looked at the percentage of working U.S. adults who get inadequate sleep and found an increase from 30.9% in 2010 to 35.6% in 2018. The study, which involved more than 150,000 working adults, was undertaken to find out which professions were most prone to sleep deprivation, and trucking was included among them.

The key steps to follow when selling a business

Financial issues or a lack of interest in being a business owner may be valid reasons to sell a company. However, it is important for North Carolina owners to create an exit strategy long before they want to leave their companies. The first step in selling a business is determining how much it is worth. Usually, companies will sell for a multiple of its annual cash flow, and it is not unusual for a professional to help appraise an organization.

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