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December 2019 Archives

An exit strategy for an entrepreneur can prove difficult

For those North Carolina individuals who are inclined to own their own business or who find themselves embarking on that path through circumstance and opportunity, getting to the point of financial security and success can be a long and hard road. And in fact, many new enterprises, despite all the hard work and effort, don't make it. Therefore, when a business does thrive over the long term, getting to the point of contemplating retirement or otherwise looking at an exit strategy can prove to be a foreign concept. Objectively evaluating the business and realistic options can prove elusive.

FMCSA study identifies top causes of commercial truck crashes

Commercial truck drivers have to keep track of many elements to travel the highways of North Carolina safely. Failure in any single area could lead to a crash. The Large Truck Crash Causation Study published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration warns drivers about the top sources of truck accidents.

Sandy Hook civil trial to begin in September 2021

North Carolina residents may remember their shock when they learned in December 2012 that a lone gunman had shot and killed 20 children and six adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. The families of the victims and one person who survived the attack have been trying for years to hold the manufacturer of the weapon used in the mass shooting responsible in court for what they consider to be reckless and illegal marketing practices, but they have faced a number of legal challenges including a 2005 federal law that was passed specifically to shield gun makers from his kind of litigation.

Tips for creating and exiting a startup

Entrepreneurs in North Carolina may choose to start their companies because they have an idea that they think could make a lot of money. At some point, a business owner may choose to sell his or her company to lock in profits earned over the course of many years. Alternatively, business owners may choose to take their companies public in an effort to obtain liquidity.

How truckers can prevent jackknifing

Jackknifing incidents are not uncommon here in North Carolina. Besides big rig operators, drivers who tow trailers or boats are in danger of jackknifing, especially if their load is rear-heavy. However, it is mostly truckers who need to consider the following tips for jackknifing prevention.

How to buy a small business

Aspiring entrepreneurs in North Carolina and elsewhere may not have the money or creativity to start their own companies. However, it may be possible to buy an existing company that already has an established brand and track record of profitability. In some cases, it may be possible to acquire an existing company without paying for it upfront. Generally speaking, those who are looking to buy a business will want to look for organizations that generate between $1 million and $10 million in annual revenue.

What to think about when investing in a business

Buying a franchise may be an effective way for an entrepreneur to maximize his or her chances of being a successful business owner. There are roughly 4,000 franchise opportunities available in North Carolina and throughout the country. Ideally, individuals will buy companies in sectors that they are interested in and know a lot about. This is because owning a business requires both a financial and time commitment.

What to know about wrongful death lawsuits

When a person dies, another person could potentially file a wrongful death lawsuit on his or her behalf. This is generally true if the death is the result of another party's negligence. In some cases, the family of a victim can pursue both criminal and civil penalties against a defendant. Prior to filing a suit in North Carolina, an individual needs to determine if he or she has the standing to take legal action.

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