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Late night Motorcycle crash kills man in Durham

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycles are as much a part of modern life in North Carolina as horses were part of its early history. Although plenty of people were injured or even killed in accidents related to horses in Tar Heel past, it is far more likely for a motorcycle crash to lead to serious trauma, permanent disability or death.

Much of this is due to the lack of protection that bikes of all types afford their drivers and passengers. Protecting clothing and helmets can reduce the risk to bikers but no outer walls and the potential for great speed can spell disaster. This is especially true when drivers of cars and trucks act negligently or irresponsibly.

A recent crash in Durham shows many of the vulnerabilities of motorcycles. The incident happened in the first hour after midnight, when low light and visibility can shroud motorcycles from view. A car was making a turn off of N.C. Route 55 when a motorcycle struck it. The driver of the bike was pronounced dead at the scene.

Drivers need to keep a sharp eye out for motorcycles when making turns, which is the event that leads to a large chunk of bike crashes. Also, police say alcohol and speed were involved. Either component of this deadly combination can lead to a preventable tragedy.

Motorcycle crash victims and their families may have a case for financial damages, which can help with recovery and other related expenses. An attorney can examine the details of a crash and help show whether liability can be proven against an irresponsible driver.