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North Carolina murder case spawns a wrongful death lawsuit

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2020 | Wrongful Death |

The criminal justice system exists to punish the offender for the damage done to society. At the same time, the civil court system is there to try and make people whole after they have been the victim of a crime or violation of some kind.

This is true for crimes as grave as murder, as the estates of victims may sue a person suspected of causing their death. If someone’s negligence was a factor in a traffic accident, for example, that person may be liable for wrongful death. Someone who consciously or maliciously created circumstances leading to death, the same would be true.

The mother of a woman who died more than a year ago is suing the man suspected of her murder. Prosecutors believed the defendant in the case caused the death of his wife through the use of poison then filed an insurance claim on her life.

A judge ordered an injunction which prevents the man from spending any of the money from the claim, as well as any other survivor’s benefits until the case is resolved. A list of items bought with the proceeds of the life insurance payout is also required of the defendant, as the plaintiff believes he used the money for vacations and mortgage payments.

Anyone with a case for wrongful death after the passing of a relative or other connected person may contact legal representation about the possibility of a lawsuit. The estate or representative of a victim is empowered to engage an attorney to file a suit in civil court if a person’s actions can be connected to a death.