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What can be part of a wrongful death lawsuit?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2020 | Wrongful Death |

It’s so difficult to deal with the loss of a loved one, even when their passing may have been predicted. The news is even harder when it is a surprise. Sometimes, there is nothing to do but begin the process of grieving. If someone was at fault for a person’s death, however, it may be time to seek financial damages.

How does someone start considering financial damages?

The main way to assert that someone was liable for a death is a wrongful death lawsuit. This would work if the estate of a victim can prove that their death could have been prevented if a person had either acted properly or avoided an improper action.

What are the sorts of financial damages that someone may claim?

Expenses related to someone’s care as a result of an act but prior to death may be included, as well as any end-of-life expenses that an estate was forced to cover. Noneconomic damages such as loss of companionship may also be part of a wrongful death lawsuit.

How can a person prove the amount of damages that are appropriate?

Estates and family members may present evidence of the value of parts of their case. This may be personal histories, wage earnings or other financial information related to the lost life.

How can someone start a wrongful death lawsuit?

An attorney can begin a filing for a wrongful death lawsuit in a North Carolina civil court. Legal representation is often a valuable ally to families going through a loss who need help getting as close to whole as possible.