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North Carolina jail sued after 2 inmates die

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2020 | Wrongful Death |

One of the few certainties in life is that it will end, but this truth can seem especially cruel if someone dies before their time. If the survivors of a person feel this way, a claim in civil court in North Carolina may be the only remaining option.

The estate of a man who died in the custody of Forsyth County’s jail has sued the county for wrongful death. The defendant is disputing the cause of death in the autopsy, which concluded that the victim suffered an irregular heartbeat that the corrections system failed to address.

The man is one of two people who died the same month in the jail, and the family of the other man has also filed a wrongful death lawsuit. The contractor who provides medical care at the facility in question has stated that the victim in this case died of a rare condition that would not necessarily be discovered by routine examination.

The matter of liability is often the core of a claim for damages after a death. If a person or a business entity caused a loss of life through their behavior, they may be considered liable under the law. By the same laws, a person or entity that was expected to perform a duty that would have avoided a death may also be liable.

An attorney can help manage expectations for an estate after an unexpected death that may have been the fault of another person. Legal representation is very useful if people feel the need to claim financial damages, especially when this move seems like it can never help people move on.