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Why would you want to sell a business in North Carolina?

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2020 | Buying & Selling Businesses |

Starting a business is often a dream for entrepreneurs at a young age. With the advent of startup business models, sometimes a dream to sell it for untold riches is also part of the plan. But there have been many reasons to sell a commercial enterprise in North Carolina for decades.

What are the internal factors that may lead to a business sale?

Some family businesses are expected to be run by the next generation, but the builders or owners of these places may turn to sale if no one younger is interested in taking over. A change in personal needs or lifestyle may make sale a better option than trying to run a business. And sometimes, people just lose their taste for the hassle involved.

What about external factors?

Larger factors are always at work, especially in the global economy. Increased competition may make it more profitable to sell a company than attempt to keep it alive independently, or new regulations from the government in Washington or Raleigh may choke off previously profitable sources of business. A new investment may come along, shifting business owners’ attentions.

How can people prepare to properly sell a business?

Some assistance is often required to sell well and smartly. This may include accountants or investment bankers to work out the financial details. An attorney may also be involved to work out the legal details of federal, state and local jurisdictions. A lawyer may also help advise on the strategy of getting a business out of a portfolio and saving the maximum amount for the future.