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North Carolina sees recent rise in fatal truck accidents

On Behalf of | May 27, 2020 | Commercial Truck Accidents |

This year has been unusual so far, with travel restrictions in many places and a drop in gas prices going along with a lack of demand. One would hope that this trend would make it safer and easier to travel by road. This may be the case for some circumstances or places, but threats still remain.

Highway traffic may have dropped as much as half in some areas in North Carolina. Raleigh, for example, sent police to serious car accidents half as much than the same period last year. But the rate of fatal crashes across the Tar Heel State has barely dropped at all.

Some types of accidents, such as crashes involving alcohol and senior citizen drivers, have dropped in the same time. This suggests that some types of accidents are actually more common this year so far. Factors include speed, as many drivers feel the space to drive faster with fewer vehicles in the way.

Truckers are still out there in the same numbers, and they have to be careful with vehicles that could easily kill someone or cause serious damage in an accident. So far, 40 people have died this year in accidents involving heavy vehicles.

Although drivers can be careful to avoid accidents, truckers must also take higher responsibility for their loads. If a trucker causes a serious accident, victims may claim financial damages to help with the recovery period. The estates or survivors of victims may also use this option after a death. An attorney can help explain these options and how they can work for you.