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Truck accidents may be caused by more than drivers

On Behalf of | May 1, 2020 | Commercial Truck Accidents |

Have you ever gotten to the head of a long line of traffic, just about to feel the relief of the open road, when you see that the highway is backed up because of a truck accident? A tractor-trailer could have tipped on its side, left the road entirely or hit a slower vehicle in front of it. You may be wondering if the driver could have done more to prevent this incident.

There are some classic mistakes that drivers can make, even at the cost of lives. Commercial driver fatigue is a big issue, especially among operators who work for firms or clients that encourage shortcuts and fast schedules to save money. Trucks have longer stopping distances than smaller vehicles, and drivers who do not slow down in time when approaching traffic can easily strike cars and trucks in front of them.

Other people who work on trucks may also be liable for an accident. Improperly stored cargo can change the maneuverability of a truck, especially with a trailer if it is not equipped with proper brakes. Maintenance staff may also be responsible for failures if they were unable to detect or correct vehicle problems.

Between all of these individuals, proper investigations into truck accidents is very important. If a person suffered injury or lost a loved on in an accident like this, any individual or business entity that may have had a hand in the collision’s cause is liable.

An attorney can help explain these details and how they relate to a specific case. Legal representation may be vital when seeking financial damages.