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Motorcyclist injured in hit-and-run accident

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycles are one of the most popular ways to get around North Carolina as we enter summer. Bikes are fun to ride and cooler for drivers in the high mountain air of the Great Smokies or the coastal plains near the Atlantic. But there are always risks when people hit the road, and the risks are greater for people on vehicles with no protection.

A Guilford County accident left a biker in the hospital and the region looking for the driver who hit him. A car apparently ran a stop sign in an intersection and the biker made a defensive move to avoid the car. He was brought to a local hospital for treatment.

Matters were made worse by the car’s driver, who failed to stay at the scene after the accident. Authorities issued a bulletin to look out for a burgundy colored sedan with out-of-state license plates.

Even when an accident occurs without a legal fault on any driver, leaving the scene of an accident constitutes a crime in the Tar Heel State. This is especially true and especially dangerous when someone has been injured at the scene. Motorcyclists may be more susceptible to injuries in a crash, as their vehicles offer no external protection against the road.

An attorney can help victims of motorcycle accidents work out their options. This may be particularly important in a hit-and-run case. If the driver who caused the accident is found, it may be possible to hold them accountable. If not, you may be able to claim compensation through your own insurance company’s uninsured motorist policy. Financial damages in a civil court or settlement may help cover medical expenses and wages lost in recovery, among other possible costs.