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What do I do after a bike crash?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

It’s never easy to think straight during or after a stressful event, and there are few events more stressful than a road accident. This is especially true for motorcyclists, as any accident at any speed has the potential for injury or even death to the rider or any passengers.

  • What is the first priority in an accident?

Some of the first things to think about may be common sense. First, make sure you are safe. If you are injured, try to tend to yourself and seek medical help. If you are not hurt, get yourself to a safe place and see if anyone else needs help.

  • What’s next?

It is a good idea to document the surroundings and circumstances of a crash, including tire tracks or anything that may be temporary but important evidence. Investigators will try to figure out who was legally liable for the accident, and anything that can help them establish what happened when will be useful.

  • What if no one is charged in the accident?

Only some traffic accidents are considered crimes; many of them are considered no-fault incidents or at least not warranting criminal charges. However, many accidents that are not crimes may still be liabilities for whoever caused them. As a result, people who are injured or experienced damage in an accident may have a case for financial damages.

  • Who can help with cases like these?

An attorney can always help the victims of motorcycle crashes with analysis of a crash and ideas on how to claim financial restitution. It may not seem important at the time but it certainly is for the future.