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Widow sues hospital over former mayor’s death

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Wrongful Death |

Death is always a sad occurrence and people everywhere have some tradition of grieving. This is because the living need to know that they can move on and honor the lost by going on to live a rich, full life. But moving on can be harder in cases whe a death occurs suddenly.

The widow of a beloved former mayor of a town outside Raleigh is suing a regional hospital after the man died under their care. The suit involves a series of events earlier this year. The man came to the hospital with digestive issues and did not receive a requested diagnostic procedure before other treatment and a surgical procedure. The procedure was quickly followed by sepsis, a systemic infection that frequently proves fatal.

He died a week after the procedure. His widow is claiming that earlier treatment and detection of his true condition may have saved his life. The suit claims both compensatory and punitive damages. The first type is designed to supply victims’ families and estates with needed financial support. The second is to help prevent future mistakes by the same entity if it is judged liable.

A personal injury attorney can help determine whether a death could be wrongful based on the evidence available. Legal representation is very helpful for the survivors of a possible victim. Relatives are often dealing with their own emotional and practical issues after the unexpected loss of a loved one. No one should attempt to seek justice in civil court without the proper legal assistance that can help them to prevail.